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Cylinder Liners, Sleeves and Air Cooled Blocks

Are you looking for a reliable automobile engine parts manufacturer and supplier of centrifugal Cylinder Liners, Sleeves and Air Cooled Blocks? Look no further than Anand Liners. With our capacity to produce 250 thousand pieces of cylinder liners per month, we ensure that we meet the demands of our customers worldwide.

Our capability to manufacture such a high volume of products positions us as a trusted and dependable player in the global supply chain for aftermarket auto components. We manufacture and supply our cylinder liners to more than 70 nations worldwide. This extensive reach enables us to maintain a large portfolio of engine models, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs.

With over 5,000+ engine models in our catalog, you won’t need to search elsewhere. Our manufacturing capabilities are robust and flexible, allowing for customisation, backed by reliable after-sales support.

Anand Liners is proud to be certified with IAFT:16949:2016, an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems in the automotive industry. This accreditation highlights our commitment to maintaining best quality of cylinder liners, sleeves and air cooled blocks.

Types of Cylinder Liners we Manufacture

Dry Cylinder Liners

The Dry Cylinder liner does not come in contact with the coolant. Instead, it fits closely against the wall of the cooling jacket in the cylinder block. With the web liners may have a cooling water space between the engine block and liner, or they may have integral cooling passages. Liners with integral cooling passages are sometimes referred to as water-jacket liners

Wet Cylinder Liners

In wet cylinder that do not have integral cooling passages, the water jacket is formed by the liner and a separate jacket which is part of the block. A Static seal must be provided at both the combustion and crankshaft ends of the cylinders to prevent the leakage of coolant into the oil pan sump, or combustion space. Generally, the seal at the combustion end of a liner consist of either a gasket under a flange or a machined fit. Rubber or neoprene rings generally form the seal at the crankshaft end of the liner. Liners of this type are constructed to permit lengthwise expansion and contraction. The walls of a wet liner must be strong enough to withstand the full working pressure of the combustion gases.

Air Cooled Blocks

Air Cooled block are cast by shell moulding process. Air-cooled engines rely on the circulation of air directly over heat dissipation fins or hot areas of the engine to cool them in order to keep the engine within operating temperatures. In all combustion engines, a great percentage of the heat generated (around 44%) escapes through the exhaust , not through the metal fins of an air-cooled engine (12%). About 8% of the heat energy is transferred to the oil, which although primarily meant for lubrication, also plays a role in heat dissipation via a cooler. Air-cooled engines are used generally in applications which would not suit liquid cooling.

Technical Specifications

DimensionRange (MM)
Bore Diameter45 to 350
Outer Diameter45 to 385
Length65 to 600
Wall Thickness2 to 35

FinishSemi Finish / Fully Finish

Surface TreatmentPhosphating, Nitriding, Chrome Plating

Air Cooled Blocks

DimensionRange (MM)
Bore Diameter77 to 150

Top 5 Benefits of Liners & Sleeves

  1. Improved engine life, reduced friction, increased reliability, better heat dissipation, fewer emissions.
  2. Enhanced performance and fuel efficiency; longer lifespan; superior sealing and lubrication properties.
  3. Durability enhanced with wear-resistant technology; optimal bearing interface created for improved operational safety measures.
  4. Accurate cylinder wall thickness achieved without machining due to perfect fitment design minimum power loss during operation ensured.
  5. Cylinder sleeves help keep engines clean of oil or debris build up providing more effective protection from corrosion over time..

Material Standards

We manufacture cylinder liners using various material standards that conform to I.S.S., B.S.S., or ASTM specifications as provided by customers.


Suitable for Automobiles, Marine, Diesel Engine, Truck Engine, Power Generator, Agriculture Machinery, and other Heavy Equipment Machinery items.

Exceptional Customer Service

We provide best customer service and support. Our team of experience professionals is dedicated to assisting customers with their inquiries, offering technical expertise, and ensuring a best purchasing experience.

Significance of Cylinder Sleeves in Engine Performance

  1. Durability: Cylinder Sleeves are made from robust materials to withstand the wear and tear caused by the reciprocating motion of the piston.
  2. Heat Management: They help dissipate heat generated during combustion, ensuring the engine operates within safe temperature ranges.
  3. Sealing: It creates a tight seal with piston rings, preventing gas leakage and optimizing compression for power generation.
  4. Maintenance: Cylinder liners can be replaced without extensive engine block work, making maintenance more cost-effective.

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