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Engine Valves

Anand Liners offers inlet and exhaust valves also known as engine valves for a variety of applications, including heavy-duty diesel engines for trucks, buses, automotive cars, earth-moving equipment, farm tractors, industrial and agricultural engines, and power generator sets. These top-quality products are commonly used in well-known engines.

For over four decades, with a focus on efficient systems, Anand Liners has been delivering precision-quality engine valves. Our engine valves are designed to overcome challenges such as increased temperatures, combustion pressure, corrosion, and seat wear, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and performance of vehicles.

We serve the international aftermarket, supplying our products to 70+ Nations around the world.

Engine Valve Specification

Technical Specifications

  • Stem Diameter: 4.50mm to 13mm
  • Head Diameter: 15.0mm to 65m
  • Total Length: 50.0mm to 250mm

Material Grades We Use

  • High Carbon Steel: EN 18D, EN 24
  • Martensitic – Ferritic Steel: EN 52, SUH 3, SUH 11
  • Austenitic Steel: 21-2N, 21-4N, 23-8N, 21-12N

Mono-Metal Engine Valves

Mono-Metal engine valves are made from just one type of material, often a strong steel that can be hardened. This material is chosen because it can withstand high temperatures and reduces friction inside the engine, helping it run smoothly.

Bi-Metal Engine Valves

Bi-Metal engine valves are manufactured using two different metals. This process involves welding a material with high heat strength and resistance to scaling and pitting to another material known for its excellent bearing, anti-friction, and wear qualities.

Types of Engine Valves

  • Friction Welded Engine Valves
  • Stellite-Tipped Engine Valves with Stellite Seats
  • Scraper Valve
  • Reduced Steme
  • Chrome Plated
  • Shrouded 
  • Nitrided 

Tip Specification

  • Tip End Hardened 
  • Tip End Thru Hardened
  • tip & Groove Pattern Hardened
  • Wafer Welded
  • Stellite Tip (Flat)
  • Stellite Tip (Cavity)

The unique properties of Anand Liner engine valves

Engine valves made by Anand Liners work well even in tough conditions and have special features.

  • Hot Strength and Hot Hardness at Elevated Temperatures
  • Resistance to Scaling and Corrosion
  • Wear Resistance
  • Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Expansion

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