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Quality Assurance, Anand Liners

We define ‘Quality is to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction through satisfying identified and silent requirements of customers’. Being certified IATF 16949 & ISO 9001:2008, reflects our company’s working system of global standards with challenging international work environment.

We work with TQM (Total Quality Management) approach that emphasis on process control rather than nonconformities detection. We are concentrating on process control to enhance the strength of the process. The directed control at each stage of the process allows reducing the amount of rejection continuously. We analyze the records to downsize the lapses in process.

Modern machinery and optimal utilization helps to justify the capability of the organization and embarks to cope with technological paradigm shift.

The defined process sequence along with the latest instruments with mechanical control removes the drawback of human error in areas of measurements, material analysis, mechanical and physical properties of the products.

Our highly trained staff uses the most advanced measuring equipment and instrumentation both during and after production to assure accuracy and production dependability. By eliminating production discrepancies, we save valuable time and resources.

This translates to just-in-time delivery and lower costs.

IATF Certificate

TS Certificate Anand Liners


Spectro Anand Liners
Spectro provides an outstanding platform for carrying out tests of almost all the recognized elements of the periodic table. Whether the sample is a metal or a non-metal or an alloy, we are fully equipped with all the instruments required for its quantitative as well as qualitative analysis. We have GNR lab, itly make instrument. We verify the chemical composition of metal in every heat, confirmed then a further process is performed.


We have Compound Optical microscope which provide accurate grain sizing, inclusion counts, layer thickness assessment and phase determination. This system gives automatic calculation of flake size, phase diagram of gray cast iron.

Roughness Tester

Roughness Tester Anand Liners

Roughness is an important parameter when trying to find out whether a surface is suitable for a certain purpose. Rough surfaces often wear out more quickly than smoother surfaces. Rougher surfaces are normally more Roughness Tester Overview vulnerable to corrosion and cracks, but they can also aid in adhesion. A roughness tester is used to quickly and accurately determine the surface texture or surface roughness of a material.

A roughness tester shows the measured roughness depth (Rz) as well as the mean roughness value (Ra) in micrometers or microns (µm). Measuring the roughness of a surface involves applying a roughness filter. Different international standards and surface texture or surface finish specifications recommend the use of different roughness filters.

Roundness Tester

We have mitutoyo brand roundness tester which provide Roundness in the measure of how closely the shape of an object approaches that of a mathematically perfect circle. Roundness tester Provide Roundness in tolerence of 4 micron

Profile Projector

Profile Projector Anand Liners

The profile projector is used for measuring two-dimensional contours of precision specimens and other work pieces produced. The part to be measured is magnified by an optical system and projected on a screen. All critical dimension we check in profile projector which gives higer result of accuracy.

Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester, Anand Liners

We have Brinell hardness Tester , It evaluate a material’s properties, such as strength, ductility and wear resistance, and it helps to determine whether a material suitable to meet the standard.

Inspection and Packing Division

We perform three-stage inspection receiving, in process and final inspection. We emphases on process control rather than rejection detection. In process inspection is carried out during process at pre-defined interval for all critical characteristic to conform ongoing process control. Due care is taken while in process inspection for all dimensional, surface and geometry parameters. 100% final inspection for dimensional and visuals aids is last scanning process to prevent mixing of non conforming products with ok product.

Packing is done at the last stage to protect material for environments effects and transits damage. We use multi layer packing by use of VCI paper, Virgin plastic, corrugated paper, and finally box with master cartoon as per customer requirements.

We follow these material Specification standards:

  1. Centricast Mark 12 (Conforming to B.S. 4K6)
  2. Centricast Mark 15
  3. ASTM A 159, G 4000

Chemical Composition

Carbon3.0 – 3.50%
Silicon1.80 – 2.50%
Manganese0.60 – 1.00%
Phosphorus0.20 – 0.50%
Sulphur0.15% Max
Chromium0.40% Max
Molybdenum0.40% Max
Nickel0.50% Max