Automotive Engine Parts Manufacturer & Supplier

We are the leading Auto Component Manufacturer, Exporter and OEM Supplier of Cylinder Liners, Sleeves and Air Cooled Block, with a proven history of over 40+ years in the industry.

Leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Dry and Wet Cylinder Liners, Cylinder Sleeves and Air Cooled Blocks.

With over 400+ employees across our 5 sites, we excel at producing Centrifugal Cylinder Liners, Sleeves & Air Cooled Blocks with variety of range conforming to the tailor-made specifications and parameters of the manufacturers in over 70 countries, suitable to available models and Engines for Automobiles, Marine, Diesel Engine, Truck Engine, Power Generator, Agriculture and other Heavy Equipment Machinery items.

Anand Liners About Us

Why Anand Liners?
Our Parts, Your Performance

  • Since our beginning in 1982, Anand Liners has been catering with latest technologies, highest quality materials, ensuring durability, precision and consistent performance enables Anand Liners a Global brand by expanding our presence to more than 70 countries.
  • OEM Supplier of Auto components at Aftermarket price for global auto industries.
  • Leading Auto Parts Manufacturer with over 40+ years of experience as a trusted provider of high quality engine parts.
  • Certified IATF 16949 reflects our company’s working system of global standards with challenging international work environment.
  • Centrifugal Cast Cylinder liner liners sleeves and air-cooled block with precise casting and machining.
  • We produce more than 5000+ various models of Cylinder Liners for a wide range of applications in cars, trucks, tractors, earthmovers, stationary engines and marine equipment.
  • 100% dimensional and visual inspection of finished product.
  • Our team of 400+ employees are dedicated to provide exceptional service and support, technical assistance and fast delivery.
  • Offer round-the-clock, 24*7 support through our email to ensure that our customers receive immediate assistance whenever they require it.

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